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Ya know, I wanted t' take this time t' say that Ice was not originally MY character. He belongs t' m' friend, Emma. I just kinda help his character grow.

My Guardian Rose

Chapter 104: Get Prepared

"So, Rose, what is all of this?" Mark asked as we all looked over the blueprints Tooth and neatly drawn. To my guess, she had added each and every detail, which was great. "It looks like... The Tooth Palace..." Bunny mused. "But that would mean...!" Phil gasped. "Rosie, are you planning to...?" North trailed off, possibly noticing the twinkle in my eyes. "You're suicide." Fay hissed and I chuckled. "Sometimes, Fay. Sometimes. But I know what it's like t' be forc'bly taken from y'r family 'cause of a stupid fight. I'm gonna reunite Tooth with her own. 'Sides, a little Fairy power wouldn' hurt anyone..."
"Trained 'em myself!" Tooth giggled, and I chuckled and patted her shoulder. "An' good on ya t' do so, sheila." She smiled and nodded. "I'm... Not quite following, I apologize." Ombric mumbled and I rolled my eyes. "F'r a geezer with a library o' magic in y'r mind, you're sure slow." His face turned red and I laughed softly. "I'm messin' with ya, mate. I'm takin' a select few an' goin' to the Tooth Palace. We're gonna get the fairies back."
"But, how are a dozen-"
"There's more like a dozen thousand, now." Tooth giggled. "What, how-"
"Whenever I would shed some large feathers, North would use his magic, and new Fairies would be made. But it takes a long time. Approximately nine months, like a pregnancy. That's why we didn't really make any while we were at the Base. I haven't done any shedding, either."
"Freakin' hummingbird." Tooth glared playfully at me, and I feigned innocence. "Anyways, I wanted blueprints incase the place is overrun with Fearlings. Could somebody grab me some o' those large, see-through sheets o' paper fr'm the backroom. Jack flew in, then flew out about a minute later with two rolls of it. "Here you go, Rosie..." He said softly, and I smiled. "Thanks, Jack," I need to help him get his confidence back; it's hindering his abilities, "This should be 'nough. Now, everyone, you c'n act'lly do whatever ya want, 's long as it 'as somethin' t' do with training. Phil, Tooth, Ice, stay here. I may need y'r assistance. Sandy, Pitch, you too." I pulled out a pencil from one of my pockets and began to trace the Palace into a smaller map. "What do you need us, for?" Pitch asked slowly as everyone else went back to training. "Sanderson was my general once, an' f'r many reasons. One o' those reasons is that he's very wise. His input could be jus' as clever as Phil or Tooth's. An' you, Pitch... I want you on the mission." He tensed. "R-Rosie, I-I'm s-sorry, b-but..." He sounded utterly terrified. I didn't want to put him through any trauma, but I needed him on the team. "Pitch," I gently grabbed his shoulders and stared him straight in the eyes, "I need ya, mate. Don't flake out on me. You could be the most valuable person in the team. You're the stealthiest, slyest, most cunning, not to mention the most handsome, daring, an' damn me t' hell if I forget-"
"Alright, I get it!" He laughed, shoving m away gently by my face. I chuckled. "Great. I need Phil and Tooth f'r obvious reasons. I need Ice, 'cause of course he'd be able t' understand those monsters. He'll be right 'side me, given me tips on how t' deal with 'em, if they're there." Ice nodded firmly, a sudden fire in his glowing eyes. After a few more seconds, I finished the small map and set it off to the side. Then, glancing at one particular blueprint, I began to jot down major details and notes I would need for that section. My friends waited in silence for me to finish while everyone else trained around us. "There." I said happily, glancing over everything that I had written. "That's... A lot of notes..." Phil mumbled, and I chuckled. "An' I'll have it all mem'rized by t'morrow! Now..." I stood up with the papers in my hands. I looked over everyone, and I picked out Jack, Caleb, and Nanna who were practicing their stealth and agility, as well as trying to see how quiet they could practice. I grinned. Found who's coming with. "They're smart. Good choices." Mmhm. "'Ey!" I shouted, catching everyone's attention. They all turned to me. "I've picked who's comin' along to the Tooth Palace." They all glanced unsurely at me and each other. "Pitch, Tooth, Ice, North, Jack, Nanna, an' Caleb." Jack, North and Pitch nervously stepped forward, while Tooth stepped forward with an air of determination. Caleb, Nanna and Ice stepped forward with confidence. "Why me...?" Jack squeaked, and I smiled reassuringly at him. "You can fly, you're still a good shot, you can travel quietly, and you were just practicing your stealth, were you not? If I'm not mistaken... You want to go." He gulped, his cheeks light red. "Y-You caught me, I wanna get outta here for a while..." I nodded. "Ya feel slightly caged, so maybe this would be good for ya. Ya still gotta follow orders, though. Got it?" He smiled shyly and nodded. "An' you, Nanna an' Caleb, you were practicing silence and stealth as well. You're devoted t' this army an' ya wanna help t' make it better in any way you can, don't ya?" I chuckled. Nanna saluted. "You're a mind reader, sir yes sir!" I rolled my eyes. "At ease, sheila." She relaxed with her famous goofy grin. "You are correct, though, Rosie. We want to go." I could see the fire in his eyes. "Good on ya, ma-"
"What about me?" North shrunk back when he realized he had interrupted me, then relaxed when I smiled. "Ya know magic, right? An' you're a good fighter. You were a Russian Cossack once, 's well. That means you're trained for this kind of thing; infiltration. It'd be good t' have someone like ya with us, mate." He nodded. "Yes, ma'am."
"A'right, that said, everybody c'n go 'head an' grab somethin' to eat, then do whatever ya want f'r the rest o' the day. The people I've chosen, I want ya to report here at noon, tomorrow. Got it?" They each nodded. "Great, Get prepared."

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