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My Guardian Rose

Chapter 184: Porcelain Mind

My eyes snapped open, and I was still sitting beside of Rosie. She was still scarred, but I knew she would heal quickly. She was also unconscious, though still sitting up. I drew my aura back and stood up, turning attention to me. "She is healed." This confused them all. "Dipper, she's still-"
"She is healed," I said again, this time more firmly, "She no longer requires our Magicks. Kozmotis, take her to the infirmary. She will be asleep for approximately three days, no more. When she wakes, all but one of her scars will heal. Now I must go and meditate." My book reappeared in my hands, and I turned towards the doors. "You were in her mind, weren't you?" Ombric asked, and I paused just in front of the doors. I said nothing. "Dipper," Mabel said softly, "What did you see...?" I sighed and closed my eyes. "Everything." I reopened my eyes and walked out the door.

Everyone stared at the doors for a few moments after Dipper left. Trusting my pupil, I called back my magic. North and Emma, though hesitant, did the same. Almost instantly, Rosie slumped over into Emma's arms, fast asleep. "Here, Pitch." She said softly, handed her to her adopted father. He was gone and back in a few minutes. Everyone lingered, obviously wanting to know what had just happened. I searched my brain, calling upon my library of knowledge that was long forgotten to other minds. "If he had been called to her mind," I spoke slowly, "Then there must have been something wrong with it. There must have been fractures..."
"Fractures?" Hammy echoed and I nodded. "A mind is like porcelain. It can be easily broken, but just as easily glued back together. However, sometimes a few pieces might get lost... I suppose that is what happened to miss Maxwell. How Dipper glued her back together is beyond me, though it seems he is hiding quite a few things in that book of his... Miss Maxwell often dwells on it with him. He has a strong magic, though, so it doesn't truly surprise me. I just wonder what he saw in that mind of hers..."
"I can answer that," Ice suddenly said, "Onyx was keeping me updated. It seems that Dipper met Onyx and Thorn inside Rosie's mind, and they led him to these things he called... Ripples. They were apparently sucking out Rosie's mind and damaging her mental state, and they had always been there. They were apparently getting bigger recently. So... He said something weird after looking through his book, and his magic just... Repaired everything." Everyone glanced at each other. "I'm going to go talk to him." I said softly, standing up. "I'll come with you..." Mabel said just as quietly, standing up as well. Without another word, we walked out the doors.

By the way, what Dipper said in the last chapter is a Latin translation of 'Seal this rift, heal the fragile mind'.

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