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I have A LOT of favorite shit, because I like a lot of stuff~ >u> I'm pretty sure most of it's Yaoi~ >U>


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My Guardian Rose

Chapter 75: Catching Up with New Allies

My closer army, as well as the ones we had lost and apparently gained, all gathered in the Sparring Hall. "So what happened to you, Rosie?" Jamie asked softly, holding my hand. I sighed and looked away. "I was reckless. I killed m'self 'gain, but Manny brought me back."
"Wait, Lunar brought you back? When were you going to tell us this?" Pitch asked and I stiffened. "I wasn't. But it doesn't matter, I'm still alive. An' now it's my turn t' ask a question..."
"Go on." Luna said, and I knew she had taken role as the leader of our lost friends, just as I had expected. "How'd this happen? How're you alive, how did ya survive? Who are they, an' how did ya meet up with the Rogues?"
"That's more than one question, but I'll explain." The boy of light said. After a brief explanation, I was left to absorb the information. "Now I have a question. How do you know who the Rogues are?" I froze, my eyes wide as I tightly shut my mouth. "I can answer that, since she doesn't seem to want to," Ice spoke up, and I gulped, "She has a Fearling inside of her." The entire room went deadly silent, and I prepared to make a quick exit. "We're screwed."
"Yes, yes you are, Onyx. Explain to me what you are doing inside of this girl." Ice demanded and my head began to ache. "Damnit, I hate when ya do this t' me, Nix." I growled as I felt her take over my speech. "You know very well, how it happened, Ice. That fateful day, in the alleyway, when my group possessed those humans and killed her father, I bit her and was absorbed through my venom. And you know very well the tale after that." Ice nodded slowly. "From there on, I grew to know what it was like to be good, but not innocent. My bloodlust still remained, though. You know she gets attacks now and then, and I try to help her control them. We grew to understand and put up with each other, and I grew to be a semi-Rogue."
"Rosie, what are you talking about?" Monty asked and I fought to gain control back. "My name is not Rosie. It's Onyx. I am the Fearling inside of your friend." I felt her look each person in the eyes, my own now violet instead of silver. Can you let me speak, now? "Fine." She sighed and I shuddered as I was back in control. "What she says is true. I'm sorry I couldn't confide in anyone sooner."
"That's why... That's why you attacked me?" Mark asked slowly and I nodded softly. "She said she was sorry."
"Well that's good to know!!" He exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air. "What'd be better to know is that you've got a fucking monster inside of you!"
"She's not a monster!" I shouted at him, then lower my voice to a mumble. "She's my best friend. My insanity," I smirked slightly bitterly, "My fight and my growl." I teared up. "Rosie, you should have told us sooner that you were consumed..." Pitch murmured as he pulled me close, finally bringing attention to himself. "Pitch Black?!" Katherine gasped and I felt Pitch tense as he quickly let me go and backed away. Nightlight aimed his staff, but I quickly threw myself infront of Pitch, my arms held out. "You are not to harm my soldier!" I barked and the four newcomers backed away. "You didn't tell them about Pitch?" I asked Luna and she hesitated. "I-It was North's idea. He knew they would freak out, and the Rogues could have attacked us." I relaxed, still standing infront of Pitch. "Well, it looks like there's more to catch up on."


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Rosie/Eve (Eve is nickname)
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I am not an ordinary person. Sure, at first glance I may seem normal, but underneath the skin there is a raging beast of blood lust, (regular lust~), and fury just waiting to be unleashed. And when the beast of blood lust is unleashed, it will bite your ankles. :3 It's that small. On the other hand... The beast of regular lust will have you tied up on a bed, fucking you for all it's worth. >u> JKJK Really, I'm just a young mother trying to make this world work for me and my family. That is all.

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